when you tell your friends a joke and no one laughs

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How to treat a woman.

Caress her face. Stare into her eyes. Love her.

I by no means claim to be an expert. But to me romance is the time you spend NOT making love. Yes, all of that time. It’s a 24 hour a day job, loving your lady. 

How do I love my lady?

Like this..

I wake up early, and make her breakfast in bed. On work days. I’m late to work, a lot.

I send her texts that say “You look fantastic today” and when she replies “LOL, you don’t even know what I’m wearing” I send back “I don’t have to, to know you’re beautiful”

I take her for picnics. Walks in the park. Bike rides. We talk on the phone. I take her shopping, I spoil her. Not just with material things, but with time, with emotion, with love, with compliments. 

I don’t just make her ‘feel like’ she is the only woman in the world. I make her know, she is the only woman in my world. Time stops for her. 

It’s scratching her back when you wake up in the middle of the night, just to touch her skin. It’s snuggling back into her. It’s about shedding the blankets and cuddling to keep warm.

I protect her and stand up for her, because nobody gets away with upsetting the woman I love.

It’s when I come home, with a bouquet of flowers. Her asking “what’s the occasion” and you saying “It’s our anniversary.” Her puzzled look. “Fourty Three months. Six days. Did you forget?” - Make EVERY day special. For no reason at all, except that you want to. For her.

When we go out, for dinner, to a movie, wherever, I hold the door open, I walk at her pace. 

It’s about listening to her. Absorbing her words. Feeling what she feels. Not about thinking what you’re going to say next, waiting for your turn to talk. 

It’s paying attention, to understand her perfect day, her perfect moment, the times when she is happiest. It’s about fulfilling those dreams with her.

It’s about stopping in a crowded room, staring at her, watching her grace. It’s the moment when she catches you, and not looking away, but smiling at her. It’s when she smiles back, and you mouth ‘I love you’. While all her friends watch. Making her blush, and her heart melt.

It’s whispering something filthy in her ear at the most inopportune moment, and following it up with “Let’s get out of here.” Like at a wedding reception. Or even better, YOUR wedding reception.

Most of all, it’s about sincerity. It’s about doing all of those things, and meaning it, one hundred percent of the time. 

I could go on. There’s a million things you can do to be thoughtful. It costs nothing and takes no effort, if you’re truly in love.

This is beautiful.

Excuse me while I go cry. Thanks,

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why is it so small

no i deer.

I laughed way to fucking hard at this shit

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